Valentine’s Day Printable

I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day (I know…I’m a tad bit early).  I’ve spent the last few days making a couple of extra Boxy Pouch bags for my daughter’s horseback riding coaches, some infinity scarves, a little “Frozen” dress for my daughter, and working on getting the Valentine’s ready for my kids to exchange [ …Continue Reading ]

Boxy Pouch - Made by The Cozy Pumpkin

Scrappy Boxy Pouches

Who doesn’t love a bag?  Big… small… we all have to keep our stuff somewhere, so it might as well be in something cute.  Something that makes us smile every day. Of course, what isn’t made better with quilting, decorative stitching, metal zippers, and embroidered personalization?  Seriously…why haven’t I been using decorative stitches more?!  They’re [ …Continue Reading ]