Photo 1-0-fun! - White Balance; A Beginner's Photography Series, by The Cozy Pumpkin

Photo 1-0-fun! – White Balance

  Today we’re chatting about white balance.  White balance (WB) is the way your camera compensates for the temperature of the ambient light for your photo.  Have you ever had images that turned out waaaay too blue, or maybe you’re taking pictures inside and everyone looks like they have jaundice?  Well, today we’re going to fix [ …Continue Reading ]

Photo 1-0-fun! Light -Part 2; Photography for Beginners; by The Cozy Pumpkin

Photo 1-0-fun! – Lighting, Part 2

Hello again!  I’m excited about our continued discussion on lighting.  If you’re just joining us…I hope you’ll take a look back at the previous posts in my Photo 1-0-fun! Series.  You can find links to each post here or by clicking on the Tutorials menu at the top of the page.  For those who have been [ …Continue Reading ]