The Baby Shower Quilt

Last week I made a baby quilt for a friend in Houston, snapped some pictures, flew out to Houston on Saturday, and came back to Oklahoma Sunday night.  PHEW!  It was a whirlwind of a week.
I kept it simple and played around in Illustrator with HSTs.  I came up with this fun, random, quilt with bright, powerful color, that is kept sweet and soft by the low volume squares.  I'm in love with the results and can't wait to use this pattern again.

The quilt finishes at 36" x 40".  Just perfect for cuddling, using in a carseat or stroller, playing on, and dragging around as a toddler.  I also tried some "new to me" loopy quilting and despite some imperfections, I'm pleased with the results.

I'll be back later this week with some HST tips and tricks, fabric requirements, and cutting details for the "Baby Shower Quilt".  Hope to "see" again you then!


Ch-Ch-Ch-Changing Pad Covers

My Mother-in-Law's niece is having a baby girl very soon, and she was wanting some custom changing pad covers.  So, after being sent the changing pad and material for the covers what feels like ages ago I FINALLY found the time to make them.  (I have actually had to buy a white board calendar so I can keep all of my projects straight!  Oy!)

 I always love how the covers turn out despite the amounts of cursing going on in my head while working with minky.  Ugh...the fuzzies!!!  This particular changing pad was unique in that only one end was contoured.  It threw me for a mental loop at first, but I figured out that if I notched out the corners on the rectangular end I could create the proper fit.  I used my old tutorial to make up the rest of the cover (it's been so long since I made one), so if you're interested in making one yourself check that tutorial out.

These cuties on now on their way to their new home now, and I just realized I forgot to send along the spare contrast fabrics.  Oops.  I'll have to do that.  But, first, I need to wrap up this baby quilt I have going on that I've been Instagramming the progress of.  Can't wait for the big reveal of that one because I absolutely LOVE it!  :)  Hope everyone is doing well, and that you're getting to enjoy some of this beautiful autumn weather!!!!!


Show and Tell Drawstring Bags

My son's Kindergarten class does a secret show and tell each week.  They have to choose an item that begins with the letter of the week and then write down three clues for the item.

Previously they had used paper bags, but the teacher felt that was wasteful, so I offered to make 16 drawstring bags.  We contemplated putting a vinyl pocket on the front for the clues, but it just made the bag awkward to close because it was gathering oddly.  So she'll be including an index card in the bag for the clues.

Bag Pattern:  Lined Drawstring Bag
For the drawstring I used Paracord.  Nice and sturdy, but make sure to seal the ends with heat and air dry if you wash them.  :)


OKCMQG "Defining Modern" Quilt Show

Man, oh man have things been busy here!  Last week was push week for getting up the quilts and buntings for the OKC Modern Quilt Guild's "Defining Modern" Show.  We have a wonderful local venue that works hard to promote the arts and they allowed us to use their space for the month of October!  It's a small space for the current size of our guild, but the quilts and buntings display beautifully.

Leslie, a dear sweet friend of mine, and super talented quilter/blogger did all of our signage and posters.  I am in love with these "Please don't touch" signs...

See how fun the quilts look on display through the windows in the background?  We had a lovely opening night and afterwards a few of us stayed to take pictures of the quilts all lit up through the windows.

Our show is on display at the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond for the entire month (as I said before).  If you're in the area I hope you'll stop by.  We have a Doppleganger Raffle Quilt on display.  You can enter to win in person or head on over to the OKCMQG blog to buy virtual tickets as well.

It's a beautiful quilt!

As the coordinator for our show I have to say, despite all of the worry that comes with being in charge of such an important task I think it all displays so nicely and I very much appreciate those who helped with the process.  And now that I'm pretty much done with that monumental task I can go back to the other projects I need to finish.


OKCMQG Show Flags

In just a few days the OKC Modern Quilt Guild's month long showcase will be on display at the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond.  We are excited to share our passion with the community for the month of October.  
A guild wide project was something we really wanted to achieve as our venue is small and can't possibly accommodate the rapid pace at which our group has grown.  BUT, hopefully seeing these lovely bunting flags hanging from big wooden rafters will give everyone a smile and make them feel as though we were all able to participate.  I don't have a quilt in the show, but as the coordinator I'm thrilled to be a small part of this display.  

We used the Vancouver MQG's tutorial for the flags but chose our own color palette.  I decided to cut up some orphan blocks and also to do a bit of improv.  :)  If you're in OKC come on up to Edmond and see the show!!!


Gifts for Mom

My parents recently relocated to Texas to be closer to family following my dad's retirement.  WOO!  We are all so excited to have them within driving distance now.  (Although I will miss heading back to the North East to visit.)  My mom is an avid scrapbooker and card maker.  I always enjoy seeing what she's been working on and finally saw her new crafting room this weekend while we visited.  And it hit me while I was there...I made some of her decor as a gift for her last Christmas and I had completely forgotten to photograph everything.

She decided she wanted to use Bonnie and Camille's "Scrumptious" line for her curtains, and I had been gifted a charm pack of that very line not long before.  So, I busted out my "500 Quilt Blocks" book (awesome book by the way) and made these hour glass blocks.  I began with the pillow and then used the left overs to make the mini and a mug rug.

I'm not thrilled with my quilting of the mini quilt but I'd never tried those styles of FMQ before.  And if you're making a mug rug...consider a design that doesn't end up with a big bulk of seams right in the dead center of the mat.  Oops.  Oh well, it's sizable enough that hopefully she can place her drink off center a bit.  My mom is very sweet and doesn't "notice" the faults.  Bless her!


A Quilt for My Daughter

Last night's finish was my daughter's bed quilt.  This quilt has been in planning mode for years now.  I bought the main fabrics (Feather 'n Stitch by Sarah Watts) when she was a baby, and added to them here and there over time.  Some of my other favorite designers over the last few years made it in the fabric stack as well...Tula Pink, Aneela Hoey, and Lizzie House to name a few.  Some of the fabrics made it in at my daughter's request, and it makes me love the quilt even more!

I struggled with the next step though.  I wanted the quilt to reflect my daughter's spirit which is a little bit of everything really.  She's a kid full of wonderful contradictions.  And despite drawing out many many ideas I ended up with big giant scrappy tumblers.  And it's so her!  She's so bold and busy and yet soft and calm at the same time.  

Quilting was another issue to tackle, and I ended up quilting the title of the song I sang her as a baby "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" into two ovals so that it would be centered on her quilt.  What a lovely thought to fall asleep to, no?  Especially for my princess loving preschooler.  I had planned on doing scrolling around the ovals, but then couldn't quite figure out how to complete the rest of the quilting so I scrapped that idea and went with a nice medium stippling all over for stability.

I rounded the corners for a soft feel that complimented the color palette.  My daughter picked out the rosy binding...it doesn't quite match, but lends itself nicely to the scrappy feel.  The backing is an extra wide "chevron" fabric.  I really try to keep from having seams in the backs of bed quilts for stability purposes.  

And as usual, when I make a quilt for one of my kiddos I said a prayer over it, and gave it a kiss and a hug before getting it all ready to go on her bed.  I hope she has many sweet dreams under this quilt and that all the wishes of her heart come true.