Secret Project Revealed

Back in July (I think) I proposed to the OKCMQG ladies that we make a baby quilt for one of our lovely members who is pregnant.  Robin is super sweet, a great quilter, and just an all ’round fun gal so I was super excited about the idea of us making something for her and her very first baby.

Members wonderfully (and enthusiastically) stepped forward to participate and did a fabulous job of keeping the project on the down low around Robin.  I told everyone to use the colors pink, aqua, and orange.  Robin loves bold color and I’ve been dying to work in this color combination.  Then I told everyone to make a block that represented them as modern quilters.

Over a couple of months blocks trickled in and I spent the last week finishing it all up for the group to give to her at the meeting we had on Saturday.

 My sweet friend, Angelina began the Improv-Chevron block in the bottom left corner from this Six White Horses tutorial, but suffered a neck injury and was unable to finish it.  So I offered to complete it for her.  I really love our co-block.  She’s so great at the improv piecing and you can totally tell the 3 rows she did vs. the one anal retentive block strip I did.  lol  I love that she trusted me to finish it though.  🙂  That’s love man.

Crys thought the Monsterz print would be a fabulous backing and she was spot on!  Good call girl!

I quilted it with a simple diamond pattern.  I didn’t want to overpower the beautiful blocks.  Then I stitched on some Madrona Road for the binding.

I was getting a little nervous because we were e-mailing her and trying to contact her on Facebook to see if she would make it to the meeting, but she wasn’t answering.  Luckily we learned in the nick of time that she was.
She loved it, and we’re all soooooo glad.  It was really fun to collaborate on this project as a group to do something special for a really sweet member of our guild!  Congratulations, Robin!!!  Can’t wait to hear the news of the little one’s arrival. 🙂

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