Hello Kitty Bubble Skirt

What do you do with a yard of "Hello Kitty" Liberty Tana Lawn?  Make a bubble skirt for your daughter of course!!!  A friend told me about the sale going on over at fabric.com and I headed straight over, and may have picked up some other fabric which you'll see popping up soon in other posts.

We were so lucky to be headed to Michigan for an early autumn trip to get a glimpse of the beautiful foliage up there on my mother-in-law's farm, and I knew apple picking was on the agenda, so I packed up the skirt and brought it along so I could squeeze a "sewing" photo shoot into a family photo shoot.

Oh, and that knit cap I made was perfect for the trip as well!

And I know I don't normally share that many pictures of my kids here, but bear with me a sec because my cute kids combined with fall foliage and pumpkins...yeah...that needs to be shared.

As it is said in the South, "Happy Fall Y'all!"


  1. gorgeous skirt, and what adorable kids!

  2. Love that fabric and it makes the perfect skirt. I also enjoyed the knit cap along with the spiderman headpiece.

  3. Man! So glad I didn't see this when I was Furloughed - those fabric sales are deadly, and I love Hello Kitty WAAAaaay too much to be an actual adult. The skirt is adorable (and so are the kids - I especially love L with the leaves and G in the hat.) Sounds like your vacation was a blast, and now I'm excited for fall, even if we don't get those colors out here.


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