Halloween 2013

Cute kid alert! 

 My son loves Halloween.  He'll tell you Christmas is his favorite holiday, but I'm not sure that's true.  He decides his costume in March on his birthday every year.  I'm not sure why that's when...I don't ask him.  He just announces it as though he's been thinking about it since Halloween the year before.  He is actually dressed up as a "Police Car" not a "Police Officer."  We had a lot of fun painting his car together and talking about what a creative idea it was.  The uniform is actually from his dress up clothes bin.  Play clothes for the win!  ;)  He was so happy about his costume, but he did declare that next year he wanted to be something not as "big."  HA!
 My daughter originally wanted to be Cinderella because she found "glass slippers" at Target.  While I told her I would make it, I was a bit disappointed if I'm being honest.  She LOVES Snow White, and would make the absolute best Snow White ever.  A little brunette with a cute bob cut just screams...I need to be Snow White.   Well, I was thrilled to bits when she changed her mine a month or so ago.  The entire time I was making it I was just so excited!  The entire time I was making it I was just so excited!  I curled her hair a bit (then she promptly rolled around on the bed squashing her curls, in true Lorelai fashion), and she got to play grown up with some blush and red lipstick.

 Seriously...she was perfect....

And I can't wait for her to wear it on our trip to Disney World in January.  :)


  1. Your kids are adorable! Those are some great costumes as well! FUN!

  2. Adorable costumes! And how fun for your son that you were able to bring to life his police car vision!


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