I moved!

Sort of.  I should clarify.  My sewing room moved.  Long story short…I felt cramped sewing in the office with my husband trying to effectively use the same space.  I made him go look at bigger houses (not solely for this reason, but it was part of it).  We couldn’t find anything we liked.  He asked what we could do to make our current house work better?  And…I moved into the guest room…which is no longer a guest room.  It’s mine…ALL MINE!!!  <Insert maniacal laugh here>

I had wood floors put in, painted the walls…and there will be more on all of that later as it’s still in transition and a bit of a mess at the moment.  I don’t do well with mess.  BUT…I made a really nice purchase.  Possibly over paid…I don’t care.  I’ve professed my love for my 1800’s pie safe before, and now I have a gorgeous rustic 1800’s hutch as well…perfect for my new sewing room.

Indulge me as we gaze upon it lovingly will you?

Lets talk storage.  It was lacking folks.  I used to have stuff stashed all over the house…mainly my master bedroom closet.  And lets just say that someone’s clothes are getting a bit out of control in there…and they aren’t mine people.  But, really, it’s just annoying to be mid project in the wee hours of the night, sneaking into your own closet to fetch some fabric, then tiptoeing out only to trip over a dog on your way out.  This hutch answers so many storage prayers.  It’s so spacious…and behind that cabinet door are two very deep shelves for storing scraps in proper bins.  YES!

Of course the upper shelves need to be all about fabric eye candy, like this…

and this….

Oh, and lets not forget the fat quarters that need to be stored in lovely containers.  I found these media boxes by Target’s “Threshold” line that were the perfect size.

They’re not hard on the eyes either.  (Although it’s driving me batty that I still haven’t written on the little labels.)  My nerdy side loves that they sort of look like fancy card catalog drawers.  And those little bits of metallic running through them…yeah…I know.

I also bought two of the Threshold Sweater Boxes to hold orphan blocks and holiday fabrics.  I don’t want to stare at Halloween fabric all year long.  Yardage is wrapped and stored on comic book boards. The kids tried to help with that.  I was good with it for about 5 minutes…which is about 5 minutes longer than I thought I could handle seeing my fabrics wadded up by enthusiastic preschoolers.  I must say…it’s really fun to see my fabrics on display, and the larger cuts looking like my own little bolts in a quilt shop.  I think this will make it much more appealing to shop my stash.  :)
So, I’ll be back with more reveals on my room as it progresses.  :)  But, not much in the way of sewing is going on right now.  I had an unfortunate incident with some cam locks and poorly written instructions.  Now I’m waiting on a replacement piece to be sent for my new cutting table.  Good times.  Oh well…at least now the pretty fabric can make me happy while I stare at the unfinished cutting table that’s cluttering up my floor.


2 Responses to I moved!

  1. vintagemodernquilts | Lisa November 15, 2013 at 8:50 pm #

    The hutch looks so good filled with fabric pretties! Good buy. Can’t wait to see the rest of the space!

  2. Claire Jain December 1, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    That looks amazing! I’m about to be moving sewing rooms, too, so it’s nice to see someone coming out the other side of that process ;-) I’m a bit intimidated by it, but I’m sure I’ll end up better organized after it’s all done, right??

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