Gettin’ Baggy Wit It

Apparently I have the Will Smith song “Getting’ Jiggy Wit It” stuck in my head (Or was he The Fresh Prince then?).  So, pardon the silly post title.  But, I have made a few drawstring bags….

 I asked my friend, Candace, if buying Jeni Baker’s “Lined Drawstring Bag” Pattern was really worth it.  The answer was an emphatic YES!

 I wanted to make a couple of bags for my kids in which to gift them the little “Love Note Garlands” I made them for Valentine’s Day.  Even kids appreciate good packaging!  🙂  Speaking of…how about that gorgeous ribbon from The Netherlands?!  I’ve been eager to use it, and just couldn’t find the right project until now.

I thought I was going to have a difficult time picking out a fabric for my son, but then I remembered I had this sweet hippo print with blue hearts and it was kismet.

 Jeni has a free tutorial on her blog, but I honestly do recommend the pattern itself.  Takes all of the math out of it for you if you plan on adjusting the size.  She takes it from like tiny jewelry pouch size all of the way to laundry bag!  And it is a ridiculously fast project, with a nice wow factor.

Since Valentine’s I’ve had a myriad of projects to work on and contemplate.  I’ve been plugging away at my Pow-Wow Quilt (the top is almost complete).  I also finalized my plans for the wall-hanging I posted about a while back and ultimately decided to ditch all of the color schemes and go with this:

I think it’s going to look fantastic!

I was choosing a color scheme for a challenge for our Guild’s 2014 show (which will be in October), and my wonderful pals and I came up with this (with another orange and a lovely blue as well which I don’t own):

YUM!  Leslie said it reminds her of candy.  What’s better than candy?!  😉

Oh, and I finished quilting my Stitch That Stash quilt, FINALLY!  I was about 10 minutes from having it done for months and it just sat there, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.  I’m attempting to get the binding on…but this little one stole it borrowed it while she watched “Frozen.”  Which I predict we’ll be watching every day for quite some time.

On top of watching Frozen on repeat and the other projects, I am still working on knitting up my first sweater.  I work on it in spurts.  And then I’m also taking an online photography course which I am LOVING!!!  I’m about halfway through and am understanding my camera so much more.  I highly recommend Shultz Photo School if you’re looking to get to know and understand your DSLR better. 🙂
Okay, enough of the rambling!  Enjoy the last few days of February everyone!!!  Lets pray it warms up soon.  🙂  I may enjoy watching “Frozen,” but I don’t enjoy feeling frozen day in and day out.

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  1. Charlotte February 27, 2014 at 1:26 pm #

    LOVE that bundle!!!!!

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